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We know that we cannot survive at the expense of the environment. That is why our log procurement department is engaged in effective forest management, to ensure adequate supply of wood products for future generations. By expert consultations and training of our staff, new forest management practices are constantly emerging.


In the Spencer Group, we are aware that our future depends on the wisdom of investing in the resources on which we depend for more than a century. In order to ensure 100% compliance with the strict rules of the governments of Quebec and Ontario, our forestry engineer and his team oversee all our forest operations in public forests.


Much of our supply also comes from private forests managed by independent forest owners on Quebec, Ontario and US territories. The Spencer Group prioritizes to develop long term business relationships with its logs suppliers. Our purchasing department in private forests coordinates the actions of buyers, measurers and staff to provide efficient transport, competitive prices, constant measurement and quick payment each week.


A renewable resource requires intelligent management.

alex heroux
Alexandre Heroux

Procurement Manager

Office : 1-450-562-8578 ext.28

Mobile : 1-514-258-6024

Fax : 1-450-420-7042

Jean paul michaud
Jean-Paul Michaud
Eric Jolicoeur
Eric Jolicoeur

Forestry engineer

Office : 1-450-562-8578 ext.31

Mobile: 1-450-495-0106